About Tech Haven

Tech Haven is Hollywood’s premiere concierge service provider for all of your Macintosh and iOS needs. From pre-purchase guidance selecting new Macs, iPhones and iPads along with post-purchase configuration, to diagnosing and repairing problems as they arise, to devising solutions for your unique needs, our comprehensive spectrum of services can address whatever technical  or logistical needs you may have.

With nearly three decades of Mac experience, I’ve been using a Mac since back in the days when nobody used a Mac.  From my first paid client, famed director Robert Altman in 1993, until today, I’ve been solving people’s Mac problems, as well as assisting & encouraging them to migrate to the Mac platform.

Who Is Tech Haven?

We live in a world where you rely on your technology. As “insanely great” as your Macs, iPhones and iPads are, occasionally issues arise that are beyond your ability to resolve. That’s why I founded Tech Haven; to address your Mac and iOS concerns in a timely, competent and discreet fashion.
Your Apple hardware is only part of the picture, what really matters most is your data. At Tech Haven we know that your data is crucial, cherished and private. From your latest creative project, to your treasured family photos, to your personal financial records, your data is too important to lose and too intimate to let out of your hands. Our on-site services leaves your data in its place, where it’s most secure. We’ll also protect you from data loss by establishing a comprehensive backup plan, and safeguard your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands by implementing a personalized data security strategy.
Our promise is to make you feel comfortable with your technology and comfortable with our services. If at any point you feel your needs aren’t being met, please let us know how we can better service you. Our goal is for every service interaction to end with a satisfied customer.
U2, ideally live. Sundresses. Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie. Martha’s Vineyard. German Convertibles.

Our Most Common Services

Establish Data Backup Protocol
Security Audit
Configure New Hardware
Data Migration/iCloud Sync
Random Esoteric Stuff

Meet Our Founder

Gary Gray
Gary GrayMac Hero
Dedicated Mac user & support provider, television producer, amusing at dinner parties.

Our Happy Clients

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