Need a new phone number? Need a bunch of new phone numbers? Need a local number in Australia as well as one in Fargo, ND? Enter Hushed, the hottest new “burn number” iPhone app. You may be asking yourself why you’d need either a temporary or additional phone number, so here are a few scenarios why one might come in handy. How about having one number for business calls and one for personal calls. Hushed can do that. Suppose you’re selling an old Zune on Craigslist, and you don’t want to give out your regular mobile or home number to potential buyers. Fire up Hushed and grab yourself a new number that you use exclusively for your Craigslist exchanges. Problem solved.


Want a number to give out to guys you meet in the clubs next weekend, but you have no intention of ever picking up their calls, instead letting them go straight to a special voicemail box? Use Hushed to create your “dating” phone number, and you’ll never be bothered again. You can also use your new number to make outgoing calls, so nobody you call will ever know your “real” iPhone number. So, if you want to break off ties with that guy who turned out to be a bit creepy-stalkery, just burn the number and you’ll never hear from him again. Cool, right?


Possibly even more cool are the options for choosing your phone numbers. Pick a country (want to open a “branch office” in Paris? Done!), state and area code, and you’re good to go. Using VOIP technology all inbound and outbound calls are routed over the Internet using either your iPhone’s WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE connection for use anywhere in the world without using up your mobile minutes or incurring voice roaming charges. The app also features a PIN-lock to restrict access to the app, securing all your phone numbers, call histories and texts.

Hushed app rate plans

The app itself is free, and for a mere $1.99 for 7-days, up to $49.99 for 12-months (with additional rates for 30-day and 90-day numbers), Hushed represents an affordable option to compartmentalize your life’s phone numbers. It’s far cheaper than maintaining an additional traditional phone account, and having to purchase an additional phone, and it’s beyond handy to drop a number once its served its purpose.

Hushed is available now in the App Store.