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TritonFit™ Launches Today on Kickstarter

So this is exciting; one of our clients (and a couple of our oldest friends) are launching a game-changing fitness product, that they invented, on Kickstarter today. Tech Haven has been helping them with a bunch of behind the scenes technical stuff, ranging from WordPress help for the website to putting together an email subscriber list and MailChimp newsletter. Mark and Robert are passionate about fitness, [...]

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Why Your Business Website Needs An Instagram Page

Instagram is great, we all know that. People spend hours on it every day, and it's a fantastic way to extend your brand beyond your website. What's not so great about Instagram is the lack of embeddable links in posts. While you can do that whole "Link in profile" trick, you'll have to change that link with each new linkable photo - and then what happens [...]

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Mac Tip: Prioritizing Your WiFi Connections

Tired of your Mac always connecting to the wrong WiFi network? Does your Mac connect to the neighborhood WiFi network before it connects to your home network? Is the downstairs Starbucks’ WiFi connecting all the time instead of your office WiFi? If you’re facing these or similar issues, fortunately there’s a very easy fix: setting your Mac’s WiFi priority order. […]

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AT&T Enables WiFi Calling on iOS 9

AT&T Enabled WiFi Calling on iOS 9! This past Friday, after a lengthy regulatory struggle, AT&T finally enabled WiFi calling over iOS 9. Although Apple first added the functionality back in 2014 with the release of iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, it isn't until now that AT&T activated the service for their customers. If you have no clue what WiFi calling is, and why it's so vital, [...]

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Is the New MacBook Right For Me?

With all talk of the new MacBook being underpowered, or lacking key connectivity or any of the other usual bashing that accompanies the release of a new Apple product, the only spec that truly matters is if the new MacBook is right for you. Here's what we know: it's incredibly light, has a super-thin new keyboard, a revolutionary Force Touch trackpad, a lone USB-C port, and [...]

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