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Is the New MacBook Right For Me?

With all talk of the new MacBook being underpowered, or lacking key connectivity or any of the other usual bashing that accompanies the release of a new Apple product, the only spec that truly matters is if the new MacBook is right for you. Here's what we know: it's incredibly light, has a super-thin new keyboard, a revolutionary Force Touch trackpad, a lone USB-C port, and [...]

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Free App Friday: Starbucks and App for Instagram

Been busy working out in the field for the past few weeks helping out clients an recovering countless gigs of “lost” data. While we’ve got lots out happy customers out there, I haven’t had an opportunity to post our favorite apps. This week that changes, with the return of Free App Friday. […]

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Tech Haven is Now A Certified Nest Installer

Expanding beyond the world of only working with Apple products, Tech Haven is now a certified Nest installer! If you're looking to upgrade your thermostat or replace your aging smoke detectors to the wonder that is Nest, Tech Haven is now certified to both install and sell you your new Nest products. If you're unfamiliar with the Nest family of products, they're a series of cutting edge [...]

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Worth It App Wednesday: Over (iOS) and Expandrive (Mac)

With Fridays dedicated to sharing some of my favorite free apps, I use Wednesdays to share some of my favorite paid apps. That said, let me get this out of the way: paying $12.99 for an app you use multiple times a day shouldn't be considered "expensive" by any measure. The free app economy made bad guys out of those looking [...]

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Free App Friday (#FAF): Scanbot & Photos

Solid free apps this week, from Apple's new Photos app for Mac image management (kiss your iPhoto goodbye) to Scanbot, one of the superior iOS document scanning apps. Get your download on and check out both of these apps today. Free App Friday - iOS App of The Week It's pretty cool that the cameras in our iPhones are now [...]

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Apple Adds New Emoji in iOS 8.3 Update

After years of people complaining that the existing array of emojis failed to accurately reflect the racial diversity and varied relationships of contemporary society, Apple has released a significant iOS update that goes a long way towards resolving the problem. Apple's most recent iOS update, 8.3 includes both a wealth of new emojis, and a "skin tone picker" to the emoji selection extended keyboard. The process [...]

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Free App Friday: Adobe Slate & Caffeine

Our Free App Friday picks this via come via our clients needs: this week we had a two clients looking for app recommendations to solve their problems, and fortunately it turned out that the best solutions turned out to be free. One client was looking for a solution to prevent his Mac display from going to sleep (or dimming) when he was [...]

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Worth It App Wednesday: National Geographic World Atlas & Infographics

You know the drill: some apps are just worth paying for. If an app costs a few bucks and you're going to use it daily, or get some enjoyment out of it now and then, it's worth spending a bit of money on. Here are Tech Haven's picks this week for apps we think are worth paying for. Old school becomes new school [...]

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Worth It App Wednesday: HBO Now and Airmail 2.0

A wealth of new free apps have been hitting the respective app stores over the past week, many in the social media vein, but that hardly means paid apps have been languishing. The much hyped HBO Now debuted this week for iOS, and is surely a game changer in terms of how we'll be receiving our paid video streams in the future. [...]

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Tutorial: What’s Filling Up My iPhone or iPad?

Another day, another couple of clients wondering what's using up all the storage space on their iPhone or iPad. This is one of the more common issues we deal with, both for clients here in Los Angeles and for people we help remotely or over social media. Whether your storage concerns stem from getting messages that your iPhone is full and you can't take anymore [...]

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