Instagram is great, we all know that. People spend hours on it every day, and it’s a fantastic way to extend your brand beyond your website. What’s not so great about Instagram is the lack of embeddable links in posts. While you can do that whole “Link in profile” trick, you’ll have to change that link with each new linkable photo – and then what happens your last post where you reference “Link in profile” when that’s not the linked post anymore? It’s a flawed hack. But don’t fear, because we have a better hack: add an Instagram: Learn More page to your website.

Here’s a look at our Instagram page:

Instagram Page

This will take a bit of work on your part, but it’s a useful way to both drive customers/readers/traffic to your website and still maintain live links for old Instagram posts. We recently started doing this here at Tech Haven, and you can see our Instagram page here: Tech Haven Instagram • Learn More as well as our actual Instagram profile page. Each picture on our Instagram page corresponds to an individual Instagram photo, and clicking on each picture here on the site links through to find out more info on each post. Thus the “Link in Profile” trick now becomes universal, as it now works for every photo you post on Instagram in perpetuity.

Presto! No more updating your bio link with each Instagram photo you post. Now the universal link in your Instagram profile, referenced by the “Link in Profile” text in each post, will lead visitors to a clear page with all your Instagram photos, where they can then click on whichever photo they want to learn more about.

Have any questions, or need help setting up your own Instagram page on your WordPress site? We’re always here to help.