Free App Friday: Adobe Slate & Caffeine

Our Free App Friday picks this via come via our clients needs: this week we had a two clients looking for app recommendations to solve their problems, and fortunately it turned out that the best solutions turned out to be free. One client was looking for a solution to prevent his Mac display from going to sleep (or dimming) when he was [...]

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Worth It App Wednesday #5: Filters and Fantastical 2

You get what you pay for - an adage we've all heard countless times over the years. As the App Store, both for Mac and iOS matures, this is becoming increasingly true. With paid apps often yielding both a more polished user experience and an increasingly advanced feature set compared to their free brethren, paying for high quality apps is becoming [...]

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iOS 7 Quick Tips For New Users

At long last iOS7 and the iPhone 5S/5C are here, and what's cool about the new OS is that Apple improved upon a great many things we already know and love about iOS. As a result there's a minor learning curve in adapting your old behaviors to the new operating system. Here are the first few differences I've noticed that are worth sharing with all [...]

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