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Free App Friday # 3: Skitch & Tweetdeck

This week for Free App Friday (#FAF) we'll look at a pair of free apps we use daily here at Tech Haven that you might not be aware of. Skitch for marking up images and documents, and Tweetdeck for monitoring & managing multiple Twitter accounts. If you regularly engage in either activity, these apps aren't to be missed. Free [...]

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Worth It App Wednesday # 2: TapeACall Pro & Flare 2

It's Worth It App Wednesday (#WAW) again, my weekly look at a couple of apps I think are well worth spending your money on. While there are free apps for virtually every imaginable need out there these days, it's worth checking out the available paid apps, and seeing how much better designed and full-functioned they often are. Worth It iOS [...]

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Free App Friday # 2: YouTube Kids and AdwareMedic

Free App Friday (#FAF) is back with two apps well worth taking a look at; YouTube Kids for iOS and Adware Medic for OS X. If you have kids that use your iPhone or iPad, you'll want to give YouTube Kids a look, and if you have a Mac, AdwareMedic could just be the savior you didn't even know you were looking [...]

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Worth It App Wednesday: Fantastical 2 and Quicken 2015

With Fridays dedicated to sharing some of my favorite free apps, I'm going to use Wednesdays to share some of my favorite paid apps. That said, let me get this out of the way: paying $12.99 for an app you use multiple times a day shouldn't be considered "expensive" by any measure. The free app economy made bad guys out of [...]

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Free App Friday: Timehop & Alfred

I'm trying to get into posting with more regularity here on the Tech Haven blog, so going forward, every Friday I'll be profiling two of my favorite free apps: one for the Mac and one for iOS. Sometimes they'll be productivity apps, and sometimes they'll just be fun apps to provide a bit of amusement in your day. So here goes: [...]

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iOS 7 Quick Tips For New Users

At long last iOS7 and the iPhone 5S/5C are here, and what's cool about the new OS is that Apple improved upon a great many things we already know and love about iOS. As a result there's a minor learning curve in adapting your old behaviors to the new operating system. Here are the first few differences I've noticed that are worth sharing with all [...]

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Get Your Poster on With Phoster

Sample poster created with Phoster Here's a fun new app I've been playing with for the past few days: Phoster. An ultra-simple universal iOS app for creating text-centric posters. With a slew of built-in templates, the ability to import photos directly from your photo library, color control, and a choice of more fonts than I felt like counting you can customize your poster [...]

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