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AT&T Enables WiFi Calling on iOS 9

AT&T Enabled WiFi Calling on iOS 9! This past Friday, after a lengthy regulatory struggle, AT&T finally enabled WiFi calling over iOS 9. Although Apple first added the functionality back in 2014 with the release of iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, it isn't until now that AT&T activated the service for their customers. If you have no clue what WiFi calling is, and why it's so vital, [...]

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Apple Adds New Emoji in iOS 8.3 Update

After years of people complaining that the existing array of emojis failed to accurately reflect the racial diversity and varied relationships of contemporary society, Apple has released a significant iOS update that goes a long way towards resolving the problem. Apple's most recent iOS update, 8.3 includes both a wealth of new emojis, and a "skin tone picker" to the emoji selection extended keyboard. The process [...]

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Tutorial: What’s Filling Up My iPhone or iPad?

Another day, another couple of clients wondering what's using up all the storage space on their iPhone or iPad. This is one of the more common issues we deal with, both for clients here in Los Angeles and for people we help remotely or over social media. Whether your storage concerns stem from getting messages that your iPhone is full and you can't take anymore [...]

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Mac Tutorial: Save iPhone & iPad Backups to External Hard Drive

We all love the flash storage on our MacBook Airs and our Retina MacBook Pros - the problem comes when we can only afford so much storage (or are constrained by Apple's offerings) and find our storage space filling up faster than we'd like. One of the big culprits here are iOS backups. While you're likely using iCloud to backup your iPhone and iPad, [...]

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iOS 8 – Cool New Quick Contacts Feature

One of our new favorite features of iOS 8 is the Quick Contacts feature. Josh Smith over at Cult of Mac put together this video demonstrating this helpful new feature. Take a look… Do you have a favorite new feature in iOS 8? Let us know in the comments below.

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TIP: iOS 8 Email Notifications

Here's one of those great little things Apple builds into their software that doesn't make it into the headlines, but does make life a little bit easier. If you're prone to constantly checking your email, waiting on a reply to a specific message, you can now have iOS 8 do the work for you. Using the new Email Notifications you can now be notified when [...]

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iPad & iPhone Dock Tricks

Here are two easy tricks for your iOS Docks that you might not be aware of. If you’ve got a bunch screens full of apps, these two tricks will certainly make accessing your favorite apps considerably easier. […]

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iOS Tip: See Messages Timestamps

Here’s a handy tip for the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad. If you want to see the precise time a text message was sent or received, be it an iMessage or SMS, all you need to do is swipe a message to the left and hold. […]

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