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UPDATED Tutorial: Ten Ways To Reclaim Space on Your Mac Hard Drive

This post was originally written in 2013, it's updated here to reflect new apps, new settings and services. Since this post was first written in 2013, solid-state storage has become ubiquitous in all of Apple's laptops and a relatively affordable option in their iMacs. In is nascent years, abundant flash storage was prohibitively expensive. Now most people can afford the storage they need in [...]

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Mac Tip: Prioritizing Your WiFi Connections

Tired of your Mac always connecting to the wrong WiFi network? Does your Mac connect to the neighborhood WiFi network before it connects to your home network? Is the downstairs Starbucks’ WiFi connecting all the time instead of your office WiFi? If you’re facing these or similar issues, fortunately there’s a very easy fix: setting your Mac’s WiFi priority order. […]

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Mac Tutorial: Save iPhone & iPad Backups to External Hard Drive

We all love the flash storage on our MacBook Airs and our Retina MacBook Pros - the problem comes when we can only afford so much storage (or are constrained by Apple's offerings) and find our storage space filling up faster than we'd like. One of the big culprits here are iOS backups. While you're likely using iCloud to backup your iPhone and iPad, [...]

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Mac Tip: Print To PDF Keyboard Shortcut

PDFs are fantastic, and OS X's ease in creating them can't be beat. Or can it? Here's a way to make PDF creation even easier by making a keyboard shortcut. Keyboard shortcuts are simple key combinations (like typing "⌘+P" to print) that provide easier access to Mac/application functionality. While there are obviously a multitude of keyboard shortcuts built into OS X and your apps, part of [...]

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