Worth It App Wednesday: Over (iOS) and Expandrive (Mac)

With Fridays dedicated to sharing some of my favorite free apps, I use Wednesdays to share some of my favorite paid apps. That said, let me get this out of the way: paying $12.99 for an app you use multiple times a day shouldn't be considered "expensive" by any measure. The free app economy made bad guys out of those looking [...]

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Free App Friday (#FAF): Scanbot & Photos

Solid free apps this week, from Apple's new Photos app for Mac image management (kiss your iPhoto goodbye) to Scanbot, one of the superior iOS document scanning apps. Get your download on and check out both of these apps today. Free App Friday - iOS App of The Week It's pretty cool that the cameras in our iPhones are now [...]

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Free App Friday: Adobe Slate & Caffeine

Our Free App Friday picks this via come via our clients needs: this week we had a two clients looking for app recommendations to solve their problems, and fortunately it turned out that the best solutions turned out to be free. One client was looking for a solution to prevent his Mac display from going to sleep (or dimming) when he was [...]

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Worth It App Wednesday #5: Filters and Fantastical 2

You get what you pay for - an adage we've all heard countless times over the years. As the App Store, both for Mac and iOS matures, this is becoming increasingly true. With paid apps often yielding both a more polished user experience and an increasingly advanced feature set compared to their free brethren, paying for high quality apps is becoming [...]

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Tutorial: So your iPhone is out of storage space, what now?

It'll happen to all of us at some point: we'll get the dreaded notification at our iPhone is full and can't record another video or take another photo. Inevitably this will happen at the worst possible moment. With graduation season, Father's Day and summer upon us, it's a good time to clear out some storage space on your iPhone (and backup your data, photos and [...]

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