UPDATED Tutorial: Ten Ways To Reclaim Space on Your Mac Hard Drive

This post was originally written in 2013, it's updated here to reflect new apps, new settings and services. Since this post was first written in 2013, solid-state storage has become ubiquitous in all of Apple's laptops and a relatively affordable option in their iMacs. In is nascent years, abundant flash storage was prohibitively expensive. Now most people can afford the storage they need in [...]

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Why Your Business Website Needs An Instagram Page

Instagram is great, we all know that. People spend hours on it every day, and it's a fantastic way to extend your brand beyond your website. What's not so great about Instagram is the lack of embeddable links in posts. While you can do that whole "Link in profile" trick, you'll have to change that link with each new linkable photo - and then what [...]

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AT&T Enables WiFi Calling on iOS 9

AT&T Enabled WiFi Calling on iOS 9! This past Friday, after a lengthy regulatory struggle, AT&T finally enabled WiFi calling over iOS 9. Although Apple first added the functionality back in 2014 with the release of iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, it isn't until now that AT&T activated the service for their customers. If you have no clue what WiFi calling is, and why it's so vital, [...]

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Free App Friday # 3: Skitch & Tweetdeck

This week for Free App Friday (#FAF) we'll look at a pair of free apps we use daily here at Tech Haven that you might not be aware of. Skitch for marking up images and documents, and Tweetdeck for monitoring & managing multiple Twitter accounts. If you regularly engage in either activity, these apps aren't to be missed. Free [...]

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Worth It App Wednesday # 2: TapeACall Pro & Flare 2

It's Worth It App Wednesday (#WAW) again, my weekly look at a couple of apps I think are well worth spending your money on. While there are free apps for virtually every imaginable need out there these days, it's worth checking out the available paid apps, and seeing how much better designed and full-functioned they often are. Worth It iOS [...]

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Free App Friday # 2: YouTube Kids and AdwareMedic

Free App Friday (#FAF) is back with two apps well worth taking a look at; YouTube Kids for iOS and Adware Medic for OS X. If you have kids that use your iPhone or iPad, you'll want to give YouTube Kids a look, and if you have a Mac, AdwareMedic could just be the savior you didn't even know you were looking [...]

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