Will Tech Haven sign an NDA?2016-10-12T22:21:17-07:00

Tech Haven routinely signs NDAs for out clients who request them. We take our clients’ privacy very seriously, and don’t share information about our work, or our clients even in the absence of an NDA.

Do you only work on Apple products?2016-10-12T22:21:17-07:00

Apple products are our specialty, but we are also happy to work on other gear as well. Setting up WiFi networks, configuring your smart TV or syncing your Android phone to your car’s Bluetooth are all familiar client requests. Chances are if it’s tech related, we can resolve it. Give us a call or shoot us an email with your issue, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Do you do remote service?2016-10-12T22:21:18-07:00

Many issues can be resolved either with telephone support or via remote access to your equipment. Tech Haven provides both types of service depending on our clients’ specific needs and the technical limitations of remote service.

What payment methods do you accept?2017-06-10T19:05:39-07:00

Tech Haven accepts practically any type of payment, including, cash, check, credit cards, and even EFT payments deducted directly from your checking account via Square Cash.

What are your payment terms?2013-02-23T15:23:02-07:00

Payment for all services is due upon completion of services unless prior arrangements are made.

Payment for monthly or bulk service contracts are due prior to the commencement of the term of the contract.

What geographic area do you service?2020-04-06T19:23:23-07:00

GlobeIn a word: everywhere.

We’re based in Los Angeles, but we’ll happily travel to Malibu, Montreal or Maui to make sure that you’re covered no matter where work or play takes you.

Also, with the advent of remote support technology, there are numerous Mac-based issues we can resolve from our offices, avoiding the need for an on site visit.


What do I need to do before a service visit?2016-10-12T22:21:19-07:00

One of the most crucial things you can do before any service call is to backup your data. That way you’re assured that whatever modifications are performed on your equipment, you have a stable backup of your data in the event any problems arise. For one reason or another, this may not be possible, or backing up your data is why you’re seeking support in the first place. No worries, we’ll discuss backup options when we arrive on site.

Another important thing to do is to gather up all your relevant passwords. WiFi networks, email accounts and device passwords are often necessary to perform routine service on various aspects of your equipment. Please have them ready in the event they prove necessary during your appointment. In the event you don’t have your passwords, we’ll do our best to help you retrieve them as needed.

What’s this whole “Concierge” thing?2020-04-06T16:31:19-07:00

man-in-rio-concierge-services-21Essentially, whatever you need for your Macs, iPhones or iPads, we’ll get it done.

Stuck on set in Manhattan Beach and having trouble with your email? We’ll get you going again.

Lost your phone in Manhattan? We’ll help you find it, or at the very least erase it before your personal photos end up on TMZ.

Need to surprise your wife with a new iMac at your vacation home in Aspen? We can buy it, configure it, and have it waiting for her when she gets there.

Accidentally drop your iPad off your yacht in the Caribbean? We can buy you a replacement, restore your data from iCloud (you are using iCloud aren’t you?) and have the replacement waiting for you when you pull into your next port.

Need to erase (or at least conceal) all traces of your covert tryst with that young Hollywood starlet last night? We can set up encrypted storage on your computer to keep data like that completely secure, and never tell a soul what we saw in the process.

Unusual requests are our bread & butter, and because much of our clientele live busy, high profile lives and don’t have time to deal with these issues themselves, or have privacy concerns that transcend the norm, our technical skills, fused with our diplomacy and confidentiality make Tech Haven the go-to Mac, iPhone and iPad service provider in Hollywood.

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