Our Free App Friday picks this via come via our clients needs: this week we had a two clients looking for app recommendations to solve their problems, and fortunately it turned out that the best solutions turned out to be free.

One client was looking for a solution to prevent his Mac display from going to sleep (or dimming) when he was watching a movie, and the answer proved to be Caffeine. A simple utility app that keeps your Mac display awake. Another client was looking for a simple way to make presentations of sorts without having to learn either Keynote or PowerPoint. Fortunately Adobe had just released Slate, and iOS app that makes it easy, dare I say fun, to create gorgeous visuals combining photos and text via a simple template-based interface.

Best of all: both free. Check ’em out…

Free App Friday App of The Week

Every now and then Adobe releases an app that kind of knocks your socks off. Slate is one of those apps. By making it easy to combine large pictures and moving text in automated templates, Slate allows you to easily create gorgeous travel journals, newsletters, invitations, reports, whatever you can imagine. With the ability to incorporate call to action buttons (Learn More!, Donate Now!, etc.) you can inspire readers to participate in your initiatives or read more in-depth information.

The finished product is designed to look prefect on any device and can be shared via all the usual suspects: Twitter, Facebook, text, email or even by embedding it in your website.

Upshot: it’s free and super cool, so click on the link and check it out.

Free App Friday App of The Week

Sometimes you just don’t want your Mac to go to sleep, or want the screen to dim or go into screensaver mode – for those instances, you want Caffeine. A simple Mac app that prevents your display from sleeping or dimming. When you want a video, presentation deck, or anything really to stay visible, just fire up Caffeine and you’re good to go.

Simple. Useful. Free.