With a full range of purchasing and setup services, Tech Haven is there for you all the way. From purchasing your new equipment, to setting it up at your house, office or wherever, you barely need to lift a finger to be up and running in no time at all. We’ll install your new software, configure your networking, and show you whatever you need to know to maximize your productivity and enjoyment with your new purchase.

Beyond the obvious, we can also…

  • Activate parental controls to limit your kids’ access to both the computer itself and specific sites on the Internet.
  • Create individual user accounts for each member of your family or workplace.
  • Establish a comprehensive data security plan encompassing both backup and encryption.
  • Migrate your data from your existing equipment to your new equipment.
  • Install your WiFi network and get your devices online.
  • Get your photo collection into iPhoto in a well organized fashion.
  • Configure iCloud to sync your data (documents, contacts, calendar, etc.) in the cloud.

Naturally those are but a few of the full range of setup services we offer. If you need something that’s not on the list, or have an obscure setup task, reach out to your concierge at Tech Haven and we’ll figure out how to best address your unique needs.