Data. It all comes down to your data and the importance and sanctity of it. Sure, it’s crucial to be able to actually use your gear, but chances are it’s your data that you care about the most. Accumulated years of personal photos, drafts of your sure-to-be-award-winning script, budgets for your next project, and that sprawling Word document with your random creative ideas. These items define your digital life, and it’s vital you safeguard them with the same degree of care you’d use to protect anything else that’s important to you. That’s where Tech Haven comes in. More than just fixing your email, installing a printer, or troubleshooting a system crash (all of which we do), we’re here to help you truly protect your data via cloud solutions, local backups and a comprehensive data security plan.

Privacy. Your digital life is your digital life, and not a treasure trove of private photos and documents for whoever finds your lost laptop or misplaced iPad. Fortunately there are tools available now to both track down the location of your missing device, as well as secure or erase the data on it. If you’re not currently using these tools, you’re risking your privacy, your identity, your ideas and perhaps even your financial security. Tech Haven believes it is of the utmost importance to implement these tools for you, to keep your data private.

Simplicity. Macs and iOS devices were designed with ease of use in mind. However, what is “easy” for Apple, isn’t always easy for the consumer. From training to buying advice, to the general questions that arise during daily use, Tech Haven believes in helping you maximize both your productivity and your enjoyment derived from the time spent using your Apple hardware.

Convenience. This is where the whole “concierge” concept comes into play. You’re busy (likely too busy) and you don’t have the time to slow down to deal with technical problems, digitize your music and load it into iTunes, or even have the time to buy and configure a new piece of equipment. You especially don’t have the time to be technologically paralyzed because you lost your iPad or your MacBook Air keeps crashing. Whatever you need, wherever you need it, and pretty much whenever you need it, Tech Haven is the salvation for all your Apple needs.