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UPDATED Tutorial: Ten Ways To Reclaim Space on Your Mac Hard Drive

This post was originally written in 2013, it's updated here to reflect new apps, new settings and services. Since this post was first written in 2013, solid-state storage has become ubiquitous in all of Apple's laptops and a relatively affordable option in their iMacs. In is nascent years, abundant flash storage was prohibitively expensive. Now most people can afford the storage they need in [...]

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Mac Tip: Prioritizing Your WiFi Connections

Tired of your Mac always connecting to the wrong WiFi network? Does your Mac connect to the neighborhood WiFi network before it connects to your home network? Is the downstairs Starbucks’ WiFi connecting all the time instead of your office WiFi? If you’re facing these or similar issues, fortunately there’s a very easy fix: setting your Mac’s WiFi priority order. […]

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Tutorial: Ten Ways To Reclaim Space on Your Mac Hard Drive

With the advent of flash storage many of us have sacrificed storage capacity for speed, battery life and a low-profile form factor. The fact is that despite a significant drop in cost, a flash drive of comparable capacity to a magnetic drive is still incredibly expensive. For example, a new iMac with 1TB of flash storage costs $1,000 more than one with a traditional magnetic [...]

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Mac Tip: Restart Your Mac

Here's a simple little tip to keep things operating smoothly: restart your Mac now and then. Many users go weeks without ever restarting their Macs, and while for the most part that's a perfectly trouble-free was to live, it's worth doing a restart once a week to "start fresh" to keep your Mac and apps running as smoothly as possible. Restarting frees up system memory, [...]

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Email Accounts Are Free – Go Get A Few

Tired of wading through all the spam, daily emails from Target, and newsletters you subscribed to years ago but no longer read - all to find the emails that really matter? Get your email life sorted out by signing up for a few new email accounts. Here's the thing: they're free (and handy as hell in situations like this) and will greatly simplify up [...]

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Mac Tip: Temporarily Disable Notification Center

Here's a handy tip for the day… If you're focused on completing a project, or even just watching a movie or playing a game, and don't want to be disturbed by Mountain Lion's Notification Center, it's possible to temporarily disable it. Option+Click on the Notification Center icon to toggle it on & off. Just option+click (hold down option and click on the icon [...]

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