Stuff goes wrong. It’s a fact of life with technology – even with Apple products! The best built piece of hardware or the best coded software will eventually have a glitch or two that needs to be resolved. Good thing you’ve got Tech Haven around to address your problems.

A sampling of our troubleshooting services are:

  • Diagnosis and resolution of system software issues.
  • Networking problems (inability to access Internet).
  • “Dead” devices need to be revived.
  • Replacing ailing hard drives and migrating data to replacement drives
  • Virus scanning and removal.
  • Problems printing, scanning or importing photos.
  • Resolving system, application and device error messages or crashes.
  • iPhone or iPad out of storage space and you can’t download new apps or take new photos.

Your individual troubleshooting needs may differ, but for virtually whatever your Mac, iPad or iPhone problems are, Tech Haven is ready to make them go away.