There’s a big Facebook phishing scam going around via email at the moment.

In the event you don’t know, “phishing” is when you receive an email that appears to be legitimate, like one from Facebook Support, Facebook Admin, etc., informing you that there’s a problem with your account, and prompting you to click on a link to log in to solve the problem. It looks just like a real email from Facebook, as does the webpage it take you to if you click on any of the links in the email. Essentially it’s trying to trick you into entering your Facebook login credentials so it can hijack your Facebook account.

Looks like a real email from Facebook, but isn't.

Looks like a real email from Facebook, but isn’t.

Similar scams are done for credit cards, banks, email accounts, utilities, etc., all trying to get you to unwittingly divulge your login credentials for whatever nefarious purpose they’re trying to orchestrate.

Best thing to do if you receive one of these emails is to just delete it, and that’s the end of it. You might receive numerous emails, so just delete all of them.

A general guideline is if you receive any similar emails in the future from Facebook or other online entities, and you’re concerned that they’re fake (or believe they might be a legitimate problem you need to address), just log on to the site in question normally in your web browser without clicking on any of the links in potentially fraudulent email. More often than not if there actually is a problem with your account, you’ll be notified immediately upon login and prompted to resolve the issue.