Free App Friday (#FAF) is back with two apps well worth taking a look at; YouTube Kids for iOS and Adware Medic for OS X. If you have kids that use your iPhone or iPad, you’ll want to give YouTube Kids a look, and if you have a Mac, AdwareMedic could just be the savior you didn’t even know you were looking for.

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Free App Friday • iOS App of The Week

Got young kids? Here’s the app you’ve been waiting for.

Last week Google launched YouTube Kids for iOS, providing your preschool and grade school-aged kids with a safe platform from which to watch videos without fear of them stumbling upon all that inappropriate wackiness that YouTube is known for.

YouTube Kids has more than a dozen curated channels dedicated to all the stuff kids love; from Thomas The Tank Engine to Sesame Street, from Barney to Babar, all divided into three master categories: Series, Music and Learning. The app can be configured with parental restrictions that limit the amount of viewing time, disable search functionality and a lock functionality to restrict use to the YouTube Kids app itself.

Upshot: thanks Google for making parenting just a little bit easier.

Free App Friday • Mac App of The Week

Adware sucks. It hijacks your browser, changes your default search engine, messes up your home page and other more nefarious activities. Fortunately AdwareMedic is a quick and effective fix to scan all your installed browsers to identify and remove malicious adware.

Bottom line is even if you don’t think you need it, it’s worth taking a few minutes to download, install and run AdwareMedic, on the off chance your Mac is infected. Once it’s installed, run it every couple months, or whenever you think your web browser is acting abnormally. It’s free, and it’s a handy little app to keep in your Mac Maintenance folder.