PDFs are fantastic, and OS X’s ease in creating them can’t be beat. Or can it? Here’s a way to make PDF creation even easier by making a keyboard shortcut. Keyboard shortcuts are simple key combinations (like typing “⌘+P” to print) that provide easier access to Mac/application functionality. While there are obviously a multitude of keyboard shortcuts built into OS X and your apps, part of OS X’s power lies within the user’s ability to create new shortcuts to simplify their workflow. This PDF printing shortcut does just that.

1) Access System Preferences via the Apple menu, and select the Keyboard control panel.

2) Click on the Shortcuts tab on the Keyboard control panel, and select App Shortcuts from the lefthand sidebar of the Keyboard window.

3) Click the “+” icon in the center of the window to create a new shortcut.

4) In the window that extends type “Save as PDF…” in the Menu Title field. Make sure you type it exactly as it appears here, complete with the ellipsis (accessible via typing Option+;)

5) Tab into the Keyboard Shortcut field and type Command+P and click on Add.

6) Close the System Preferences window.

Now you’re good to go, ready to easily make PDFs when the desire strikes. Simply type ⌘+P+P and you’ll be taken to a dialog box asking where you’d like to save the new PDF document