A wealth of new free apps have been hitting the respective app stores over the past week, many in the social media vein, but that hardly means paid apps have been languishing. The much hyped HBO Now debuted this week for iOS, and is surely a game changer in terms of how we’ll be receiving our paid video streams in the future. Depending on your satisfaction with Apple’s stock Mail app for sending email, Airmail 2.0 could prove to be a game changer for you as well if you’re looking to replace your regular email app. Both apps, well worth taking a look at.

Worth It iOS App of The Week

People have been waiting a long time for this app – especially people who are eager to cut the cord with their cable provider. With the much hyped advent of HBO Now, you can now access all of HBO’s programming without being a subscriber to HBO’s cable offerings (as was a requirement to use their HBO Go app).

As I’m sure you know, HBO is home to some of the very best programming around including original series like Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos, and Game of Thrones and documentaries like The Jinx and Going Clear to name a few. Now for just $14.99/month, with a one-month free trial at the star, you can now watch all those great original dramatic series, documentaries and more.

Given that HBO is the market-leading trendsetter, I have little doubt we’ll soon be seeing similar apps from other networks, and this is a very good thing.

Worth It Mac App of The Week

Not everybody is a fan of Apple’s included Mail program for sending and managing their email. Fortunately a several very capable alternatives are on the market these days, and one of our favorites is Airmail 2.0. With a cutting edge interface, the ability to handle Exchange, IMAP and POP accounts, it’ll work with whatever email provider you have. It’ll also manage attachments directly to whatever cloud services you use to store files, like Dropbox and Google Drive or even FTP.

The list of features is far too long to list here, but trust that it puts Apple Mail to shame in speed as well as interoperability with other apps and services.

If you’ve tired of hating on Apple Mail, spend the $9.99 to get Airmail 2.0, and see just how pleasurable emailing can be.