You know the drill: some apps are just worth paying for. If an app costs a few bucks and you’re going to use it daily, or get some enjoyment out of it now and then, it’s worth spending a bit of money on. Here are Tech Haven’s picks this week for apps we think are worth paying for.

Old school becomes new school with the release of National Geographic World Atlas for iOS. Gone are those massive, shelf-filling atlases from days of yore, now all you need is your iPad or iPhone, and you’ll have an exponentially more powerful atlas that takes up a fraction of the space at a fraction of the price.

No less of a game-changer over the past decade are apps like Powerpoint and Keynote to create presentation decks. Both in the workplace and in school, people are making more presentations than ever because the tools to create them are so powerful and ubiquitous. Our second pick this week is Infographics (Mac), an extensive set of graphic elements you can use to visually enhance any deck you’re working on.

National Geographic World Atlas and Infographics are both available this week for $1.99.

Worth It iOS App of The Week

Remember when atlases used to be a thing? People used to have big heavy printed world atlases in their houses, and more often than not those were published by National Geographic. Not content to be relegated to history, the good people at National Geographic have released a new universal iOS app that provides world atlas data to both your iPhone and iPad.

Moving the atlas into the modern era, National Geographic has created an atlas application with far more than mere maps and geographic statistics. Granted, its maps were pretty much the gold standard (back when actual maps were a thing) and that quality remains. Beefed-up with the ability to download maps for off-line viewing, along with daily trivia and quizzes, the app has both entertainment and research features in abundance. One of the coolest features is that the app can log places you’ve been, as well as places you want to go, creating a travel wish list of sorts. There’s a great deal of value here.

The app is only $1.99, a far cry from the $124 the printed version will set you back. If you’re into geography, or have a child who is, you’re going to love this app.

Worth It Mac App of The Week

It seems these days we all have to create a great deal more presentation decks than we used to – most likely because they’re now easier to make, and are useful in countless situations both in and out of the workplace. One of the more challenging aspects of creating a deck is often finding high quality graphics to both liven up the presentation and to visually convey complex data so it’s easier for your audience to absorb.

Enter Infographics. For a mere $1.99 Infographics could be your new best friend if you create Keynote presentations on a regular basis and are always hard pressed to find the appropriate graphic elements. With a diverse assortment of hundreds of maps and flags for nations around the world, 200 diagram slides, 41 themes of data visualization and 23 chart themes with ten charts each, and more this app is a steal.

On sale for a limited time at 90% off the regular price of $19.99. There’s no telling when the sale is going end, so if you’re interested best grab it now before the price goes back up.