Here are two easy tricks for your iOS Docks that you might not be aware of. If you’ve got a bunch screens full of apps, these two tricks will certainly make accessing your favorite apps considerably easier.

iPhone Dock Tricks

iPhone Home Screen

First up, just as you can create a folder of apps on one of your home screens, you can also have a folder of apps right on your Dock. Load that folder up with your favorite apps, and they’ll be right there waiting for you at the bottom of every home screen. Easy & handy.

iPad Dock Tricks

iPad Home Sceen

On the iPad you can add a folder to the Dock as well, but alternately, you can have six different apps on your Dock. I’ll bet you assumed you could only have four apps on the Dock – which is what I thought as well until I discovered this accidentally a few years back. Turns out you can have six apps, four apps and two folders or whatever combination works best for you.

The upshot: no need to flick through eight screens to get to your favorite apps every time you want them, because they’ll be easily accessible from the Dock. Enjoy!