It’s Friday, so kick off the weekend with some free apps for #FAF. Today we’re suggesting the latest release of MLB for you baseball fans, along with Monolingual for your Mac to remove unneeded foreign language data that’s taking up unnecessary space on your Mac.

Free App Friday App of The Week

It’s that time of the year again: baseball is back, or at least it almost is with the 2015 MLB season beginning on April 5th.

If you’re a die-hard or even casual fan, no doubt you’re already familiar with the MLB app for following your team’s progress throughout the season, following along live with games in progress, and more statistics than you can fathom.

With an array of in-app purchases to customize your MLB experience, there’s sure to be an option that best fits your needs.

Play Ball!

Worth It Mac App of The Week

How many languages do you speak? How many languages do you use on your Mac? Chances are if you’re reading this, you probably only have your Mac set for English. If that’s the case, why waste precious hard drive space storing app translations for dozens of foreign languages? If you don’t need an Italian translation of iPhoto, delete it.

Monolingual makes it simple to delete all those language files you don’t need. Just select which languages to delete, and all those files will be removed from your Mac in minutes. If you’ve got a lot of apps on your Mac you can easily recover 2-3 gigabytes of space.

Check it out!