This week for Worth It App Wednesday I’m sharing another pair of apps I use almost every day: Motion X 24/7, a sleep tracking iOS app, and Deliveries: a package tracker, a Mac app for package tracking. Both apps enable you to get a handle on your daily life, albeit from very different angles.

If you’re tired every day, or just not sleeping well, it’s useful to get a clear picture of your sleep habits (or lack thereof); Motion X 24/7 is an iOS app that will track your nightly sleep (via the iPhone’s M8 motion coprocessor) and present you with a comprehensive array of data – a highly useful tool if you’re interested in diagnosing your sleep issues.

Deliveries: a package tracker, on the other hand, allows you to compile data on the whereabout and expected delivery times of all the packages that shuffle through your life. If you’re a habitual online shopper, eBay seller, or running the shipping department for your office, you’ll soon find Deliveries an indispensable tool for having up-to-the moment information on the whereabouts of all your packages in transit.

Worth It iOS App of The Week

One of the coolest things about the iPhone 6 (and the iPhone 5S before that) is the M8 motion coprocessor. Among other things, it allows your iPhone to track how many steps you take during the day, numerous fitness metrics, and using the MotionX 24/7 app, how restless you are when you sleep at night. .

Place your iPhone on you mattress next to you when go to sleep, activate the app to monitor your sleep, and when you awake in the morning you’ll have a detailed analysis of your previous night’s sleep. Not only that, with active audio recording, you’ll also record all your snoring to factor that data into your sleep habits as well. The app has 95% accuracy of the professional sleep monitors used in sleep clinics and sleep apnea analysis, which is quite impressive for something you’re already carrying around in your pocket every day. With full HealthKit integration, your sleep data can even interact with your other health monitoring apps, allowing for an ever more comprehensive picture of your personal health.

Another great feature of Motion X will even use the sleep data it records to wake you up each morning at the optimum time in your personal sleep cycle. If you regularly have trouble waking up by your standard alarm, because it’s waking you up at a less than optimum time in your cycle, it’s worth giving Motion X a try to see if you start waking up more refreshed.

For just 99¢ Motion X 24/7 is a useful and comprehensive sleep analysis app that will provide you with a better picture of your nightly sleep routine, and may even allow you to wake up with more energy.

Worth It Mac App of The Week

I send a ton of packages, and I receive even more. Keeping track of them all would be a cumbersome endeavor were it not for Deliveries: a package tracker. If you’re also living in a sea of packages coming and going, Deliveries will soon be another one of those apps that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

With the ability to track packages shipped via dozens of global carriers, with a glance you’ll always know where your shipments are and when they’re scheduled to arrive. Also, given the vast number of supported carriers, this app is useful in a great many countries around the globe, not merely useful for those of us in the United States.

Tracking numbers can be entered manually or if you’re using the iPhone version of the app, a barcode scan via the camera. Deliveries also knows the format for a great many tracking numbers, so if you’ve copied a UPS tracking number to your clipboard and then open Deliveries, it will know you’ve got a UPS tracking number, and automatically ask if you want to create a new shipment.

Past shipments can be archived for future reference, if you need to prove an eBay shipment was delivered and signed for, or if you just wanted to look back and see what day some legal documents arrived at your attorney’s office, you’ve got all the data ready to go.

With proprietary cloud syncing, you can synch your deliveries between your Mac and iOS devices and have all your shipping data available to you regardless of where you are and what device you have with you.

Happy tracking.